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Why some people appear to be losing weight in their sleep while others seem to gain weight by merely looking at food


Why some people appear to be losing weight in their sleep while others seem to gain weight by merely looking at food


Why some people appear to be losing weight in their sleep while others seem to gain weight by merely looking at food, we need to understand the basic structure of our body works and why dieting fails to succeed.
Hormones are the body’s control system. There are three hormones that are crucial to the RESTART concept are INSULIN, LEPTIN AND GRELIN.

control of food intake

INSULIN is produced when we eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is the term used for a variety of sugar.
When we eat carbs, they are broken down into small sugar molecules and released into the blood in the small intestine. This causes our so-called blood sugar level to rise. Our body now produces insulin because it is the insulin’s job to transport the sugar from our blood to our muscle and fat cells. You could imagine insulin to be like a boat swimming through our blood stream, collecting sugar.

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The insulin boat’s first stop is muscle harbor. Once it’s full the boat goes on to the next harbor, the Fat cells. This is where the insulin unloads the entire remaining sugar.

Hunger hormones play an important role in our weight management but are the most underrated ones.
Leptin is a hormone produced by our fat cells and the main function to send signals to the brain to “Stop Hunger” If leptin levels are high, a message that sends to your brain “Hello brother turn of your hunger” I have enough fuel to do the activity.

Ghrelin is produced by the stomach and the main function is to ‘Promote HUNGER’ Message sent to brain is, “Oh I need a Burger” to move forward.


simplified outline of restart concept

Although, you might be wondering how it is possible for somebody who should have sufficient fat in their stores to still have a low metabolism, a lack of energy and to constantly feel hungry and feel a permanent need to eat in order to be able make it through the day?

This is where the revolutionary research by Professor Dr. Robert Lustig, University of California (UCSF) comes in. He succeeded in proving that our brain can no longer perceive the leptin of our insulin levels are constantly high, if leptin cannot be perceived, this has the same effect as complete lack of the hormone.

This is where the revolutionary research by Professor Dr. Robert Lustig, University of California (UCSF) comes in. He succeeded in proving that our brain can no longer perceive the leptin of our insulin levels are constantly high, if leptin cannot be perceived, this has the same effect as complete lack of the hormone.

Heard that before? Great advice, isn’t it? If things were that simple, half of mankind would not be overweight and suffer from the resulting pain, illness, and limitations. If your control system, your hormones continuously transmit HUNGER, HUNGER, HUNGER, and you then make matters worse eating less, causing your body to increase the signals, to slow down your metabolism and to even put you in a bad mood, then question is not ‘Do you give up’ it is ‘when do you give up’. This problem is the downfall of almost every diet, and it means that the yo-yo effect is bound to kick in! Your hormones want you to eat and the willpower alone will not enough to fight this in the long run.

So, what is the solution to this dilemma?

Eating MORE to help your body overcome its perceived starvation and to do so using a menu that will support the natural functions of insulin and leptin.

Once your body can recognize once again that there is enough fat in its stores and that there is no risk of starvation, it is going to break up that fat and provide it to your muscles with energy. You will feel energized and full of power. Your pounds will start to drop, and endorphins will be released.

Restart program will make your body want to lose weight. You will not be working against your hormones, instead your hormones will be working for you. Purposefully, for you to achieve this state, we have developed a 4-stage program with the restart community. It will guide you along every step of the way.



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Restart can only succeed while using high-quality nutritional supplements. For health reasons, we strongly recommend FitLine from, Germany.

Important note : Restart can only succeed when usinghigh-quality nutritional supplements! For health reasons, we strongly discourage anyone from attempting restart, without the use of high-quality natural supplements!






This depends, of course, on a number of factors. However, our participants typically lose between 3 and 8 kilograms within the first four weeks. What is also very interesting is that our concept helps to significantly improve your muscle to body fat ratio and as a result, your body shape also improves. During the following phases of our concept, your body will continue to build muscle and reduce body fat. The results will become increasingly visible and measurable. Your body image is going to improve significantly.

No. Restart is a long-term lifestyle change. We will help you to learn what is good for you, your body shape and your well-being on the long run.

Your body’s metabolism and fat burning are activated during these phases. Your weight and body fat are reduced as a result. We also adjust your hormone balance by avoiding sugar and salt. Your blood sugar level will decrease and your body will be detoxified and cleansed.

Yes, absolutely. This is a very crucial aspect of the restart concept. In order to continuously pursue weight loss and fat burning, we want to keep your metabolism going at all times. For evolutio- nary reasons, your body will turn on its emergen- cy HUNGER measures, if it is not provided with any energy in the form of a meal for a longer period of time. This will cause it to automatically slow down your metabolism and to shut down access to the lat depots.

Definitely NOT. We regularly manage to achieve amazing results during the first four weeks, howe- ver, we are especially dedicated to you keeping your desired weight on the long run. After four weeks there is still the risk of a yo-yo-e4ect. Your body is not used to its new weight yet and your metabolism still needs to be stabilised. Only aker you have completed the entire restart programme, will your new and healthy lifestyle have become a simple routine that will make it easy for you to stay slim.

Yes, of course. You can also extend this phase. However, after the fat burning phase, please have two restart days or one indulgence day a week. You should make sure that your diet does not become unbalanced. If you are losing weight over a long period of time, you will need diversity in your meals to prevent your metabolism from slowing down and making weight loss more dif- ficult.

Peppermint usually helps if you are craving for something sweet! Peppermint tea, sugar free chewing gum or brushing your teeth
Distract yourself! You only have to resist for a few minutes. You could for example exercise or go for a walk. Drink water, ideally o-s litres or more.
Focus on your target! Take a minute to imagine the moment when you have reached your target! Hooray!!!
Don’t give cravings a chance and don’t skip any of your ą meals! You need to eat to lose weight! Keep our concept in mind: Eat MORE, weigh LESS! This will ensure that your body is always sufficiently provided for and that your metabolism is running at full throttle. Clear things out at home! “Out of sight, out of mind".

Yes, this might happen. The sugar withdrawal along with the cleansing and detoxifying process, the minerals and the hormonal balancing may cause mild headaches during the first few days. You can minimise these by drinking plenty of pure water.

We recommend drinking an extra z litres of still water a day to provide for better transport of nu- trients, discharge of toxins and waste and to acti- vate your metabolism. If you would like some fla- vour, we can recommend adding cucumber, ginger or lemon to the water. z litres of water will use an extra 200 calories.
Tip: Slimming water! Peel and finely slice ginger, pour on boiling water and leave to seep for 10 minutes. Squeeze lemon and add the juice. The lemon has a high vitamin C content that will help your body to burn fat. Ginger will ac- tivate your metabolism.
Tip: Mate tea! Prepare mate tea, add one slice each of ginger and lime. Once cooled add 1 or z table spoons of lime juice.
You may have between and $ cups of coffee or tea, however, these do not count towards your water balance.

The restart phase is the heart of our programme. Weight loss continues to take place during this phase. Your metabolism is now running at full throttle and it is eating away your fat pads day by day. Whether it will be colourful vegetables, high quality protein or good vegetable fats: A varied and carefully compiled menu will make those kilos drop while building muscle at the same time. Your reflection in the mirror will change and your body will flourish.

Make use of the simple powers of coldness
Showering for 2 minutes at 25 degree will burn around zoo calories
Drink very cold water. Heating up the water to body temperature will burn around 60 calories.
Avoid overheated rooms and too warm clothing to bum an extra zoo calories a day.
Drink more: We recommend 2 litres of water a day but you may well try for a little more. 1 litre of water will use about an extra 200 calories.
Exercise: Tip: Take a walk for an hour three or four times a week! See also notes on exercise.

Don’t panic! Your body and your metabolism are trying to adjust to your new diet. Our stone age genes would rather hold on to the last fat reserves for times of need. How about you try this:
Allow your body a little more diversity in your meals. See question 11 for advice to increase your weight loss.
Please also note that a standstill of your weight does not necessarily mean that there is stagnation inside your body. Muscle weighs 7ti mes more than fat. This is why you should regularly measure your circumferences. It’s the centimetres that account for your body shape, not the number of kilograms. Always keep in mind: With restart you are well under way and the health benefits these changes will bring are going to last a lifetime - so don’t give up! You will succeed!

We recommend avoiding exercise during the y day correction phase. Your body is adjusting from sugar metabolism to fat burning. This is why your muscles have little energy during this phase. Your body needs energy to realise this Shift.
After this initial phase, regular exercise or work- out is a good match for healthy weight loss and a balanced diet. It will help you lose weight. You are simply using more calories and also building muscle that is vital for fat burning. Try and include as much movement in every day life as possible. This can mean “small” things like walking up stairs instead of taking the lift or golng on regular walks. Of course you are also welcome to include an exercise routine in your daily life, such as hiking, relaxed cycling, swimming, running or simply going to the gym.

Of course. Exercise is always good but it is not necessary for restart to be a success.

In this phase you are slowly moving out of weight loss mode and are preparing your body for your new and healthy lifestyle. This means: Creating a routine and trying yourself out. What you have learned becomes internalised and you are increasingly able to put it into practise. This will give you the safety you need and help you to never again encounter the yo-yo-effect.

Yes, absolutely. Restart provides you with vegetarian and vegan recipes that you can choose to put together your meals. What’s more you can also replace ingredients in many of our recipes with vegan or vegetarian options.

The programme is generally suitable for all age groups.

While you are pregnant or breast feeding, your baby will have specific needs that you and your body will need to meet. Enjoy the special time and postpone your plans to a later time. We will be waiting for you.

Any dietary change is initially stressful for your body. In order to prevent cravings, headaches and irritability, you should make sure you get enough sleep. This will give you energy for the day and help you to take things easy. The sleeping phase is also extremely important because it is the longest fat burning phase. Try to get at least 7 IO 8 hours of sleep a night.

Drinking alcohol makes losing weight harder. For one thing it contains lots of calories and it also tends to make you feel hungry and to inhibit exer- cise. Alcohol is a burden to your body and it inhibits natural fat burning for about 2§ hours. Fat burning is only resumed after the alcohol has been broken down. This is why we recommend you avoid alcohol.