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Difit Is A Synonym For A New Era Of Fitness – Be It For The Guaranteed Quality Of Service We Provide To Our Clients Or The Liberal Choices We Provide To Them To Make Them Healthier And FIT.


Deciding you need to be FIT and Healthy and sweating it out is not enough. Our proven interactive personal training technique helps to motivate you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest possible time, and in the most enjoyable manner, where our trainers also accompany you for your workouts whether your goals is to lose weight, gain lean muscles or total body transformation.

It has been such a hit among our clients as they can choose from a wide range of fitness practices such as functional training, body building, cross fit, weight loss, boot camp, yoga, Pilates and other sports such as football, kick boxing, karate, and swimming.

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DiFit Online Training

A Complete Fitness training through DiFit Lifestyle Online Training program

Ever thought how you can maintain your health and fitness during this pandemic? Even more, during your busy lifestyle – you might be wondering, how can I reach my fitness goals without a burden in your comfort? You know – that everyone lifestyle won’t be leading the same. Different jobs, schedules, routing, likewise everything will be different. Obviously, there would be limitations in everything and those who are dedicated to exercises whatever the situation is a pandemic or whatever, they will follow their routine. As they are dedicated to their exercise and those who are not dedicated don’t follow.

The right nutrition and the right training is important to everyone. Without any proper training or tracking system, it is difficult to achieve your fitness goals. There were tremendous Fitness Trainers you can find in the UAE in various emirates. Here the DiFit Lifestyle training comes up with all the priorities – your comfort fitness zone is your fitness goals.

The complete holistic approach through DiFit Lifestyle online practices

You might be wondering what this holistic approach rights – whether you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced. DiFit team will create your training program and nutritional program based on your initial programs assessment reports and your goals. The training session will be controlled and managed by the professional coach that you opted from DiFit Lifestyle. Whether you are appearing for Yoga Classes in Dubai or for private personal training. The DiFit team will be monitoring all the sessions and tracking your progress and how you are achieving your fitness goals.

Once you finish the assessment DiFit team will be providing login credentials for their members. Once you download the app and log in through the credentials we share. You can see the training program details, nutrition program, customized training plan, assessment details and the training schedules with your progress through DiFit lifestyle app.

Nutritional Lifestyle Assessment

Difit team will be taking a complete nutritional assessment. So, this will help us to create a customized nutrition plan for the food you prefer. 

Our nutrition program 

Phase 1 – For 3 weeks

Phase 2 – For 3 weeks

Phase 3 – For 3 weeks

A Comprehensive Fitness Training program

DiFit Lifestyle provides a comprehensive fitness training program. Through this training program, you have the option to experience all training in a single platform. Whether you want to try Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or any other sports conditioning. 

Just for instance, if you are looking to reduce your body weight/Fat, your training program will be incorporated with all the fitness elements that you need to achieve your goals. So, let’s say – instead of doing cardio, you can do Zumba or any other functional training programs. 

For flexibility or recovery, mostly yoga and for core stability, Pilates is the best preference to get the best results. Along with training, you need a proper nutritional plan to achieve your goals. DiFit will be providing all of these services through this comprehensive training.

Online training with Live Home personal training

We are also providing online training sessions with Live Home personal training. Which means the trainer will come to your home, once a week and the rest of the days, the training will be conducted through a live chat. 

DiFit Online training package follows –

  • One package follows Online Private Personal Training [weekly 1 face to face] – with respect 3-week training.
  • Other Live Online Private Personal Training packages follow [weekly 3 live sessions] – with respect to 3-week training.

Furthermore, while coming through online practices, DiFit Lifestyle has our own standard of the personal training session. 

DiFit lifestyle standard online assessment follows – 

  • Finding weight hip ratio 
  • Heart rate screening
  • Cardiovascular strength
  • Core strength
  • Stamina 
  • Posture evaluation
  • Circumference test 
  • Picture {optional}

Obviously a complete physical awareness session you will be getting through our online approach. Our majority of our clients are training online and happy with our online training programs. We will give you the opportunity to get in touch with our satisfied customers. This will surely help you to understand how our online training will be.

We are happy to help you – Call 971 50 540 2829 and book your schedule for the Online sessions at the earliest.