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Difit Is A Synonym For A New Era Of Fitness – Be It For The Guaranteed Quality Of Service We Provide To Our Clients Or The Liberal Choices We Provide To Them To Make Them Healthier And FIT.


Deciding you need to be FIT and Healthy and sweating it out is not enough. Our proven interactive personal training technique helps to motivate you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest possible time, and in the most enjoyable manner, where our trainers also accompany you for your workouts whether your goals is to lose weight, gain lean muscles or total body transformation.

It has been such a hit among our clients as they can choose from a wide range of fitness practices such as functional training, body building, cross fit, weight loss, boot camp, yoga, Pilates and other sports such as football, kick boxing, karate, and swimming.

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The word ‘Karma’ means action. Hence, Karma Yoga is the ‘Path of Action’. The core of Karma Yoga is doing the work without any attachment to the results and outcomes. According to Karma Yoga, duties have to be performed with perfection, 100% dedication, right attitude and approach. Karma Yoga means doing a duty without being worried about the result (success or failure). Additionally, the action should be done without any ego or the feeling of ‘I’. The best way of expressing Karma Yoga in everyday life is to forget about

Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stick together in concentrated urine. drinking too little water, exercising (too much or too little), obesity, weight loss surgery, or eating food with too much salt or sugar are the major causes of kidney stones. This condition may cause the stones to block the ureter, urethra, and even the kidneys. it may be very tragic and harrowing. The other important problems are also related to the formation of kidney stones which include the burning sensation while urinating, frequent desire

CrossFit is an intensive fitness program designed to enhance your strength, endurance, as well as overall fitness through a combination of functional movements. To maximize your CrossFit workouts, having the right equipment is essential. Let us explore the top 10 CrossFit exercise equipment that should be a part of your training. From barbells to kettlebells and beyond, these tools will take your workouts to the next level. Enhance Your Workouts with These Must-Have Tools Barbells: Barbells are the cornerstone of CrossFit training. They provide endless opportunities for lifting, squatting, pressing, and pulling exercises.

Swimming is a fantastic activity that not only provides a great cardiovascular workout but also helps in building strength and endurance. To enhance your swimming experience, there are several essential swimming equipments that you should consider. In this guide, we'll discuss the top 10 swimming equipment you should have to make the most out of your time in the water. If you are planning to join a swimming classes near your area, certainly, your trainer or coach will recommend this. Besides, have a look for more details regarding it. Swim Cap:

Zumba is a dance fitness program that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This high-energy workout combines dance moves with aerobic exercise to create an enjoyable and effective fitness routine. Many people who are looking to lose weight are drawn to Zumba because it is fun and engaging, but the question remains: is Zumba actually a good way to lose weight? In this article, we will explore the benefits of Zumba as a weight loss tool and provide tips for maximizing its effectiveness. Firstly, let's look at how Zumba works

The purpose of a personal trainer is to provide individualized fitness guidance and support to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. A personal trainer can help clients by designing customized workout plans, providing nutritional advice, and offering motivation and accountability. In this article, we will explore the key roles and responsibilities of a personal trainer and the benefits of working with one. Assessment and goal setting The first role of a personal trainer is to assess the client's current fitness level and identify their health and fitness goals. This typically

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. During this holy month, Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn until sunset. While the primary purpose of fasting is spiritual, it also has numerous physical benefits, including weight loss. In this article, we will explore why Ramadan is a blessed month to lose weight. Fasting and Weight Loss Fasting is an effective way to lose weight because it creates a calorie deficit. When you fast, your body uses stored fat for energy, which

Have you ever walked on the beach with your loved ones or friends? How wonderful would have it been, isn’t it? If you didn’t know, walking on the beach has huge benefits for your body and mind. If you have never done this before, this is the time to get started and we explain it in this article. Let’s get started. What is the big deal? Walking on the beach is a great workout routine for strengthening the legs, knees, and ankles. Unlike paved roads, beaches consist of uneven terrain. Therefore, it requires more

The first thing that comes to our mind is they are used by bodybuilders to bulk up. Even though that is the case, these chemicals have some serious side effects. So, in this article, we explain what are steroids, their purpose, and the serious consequences of abusing them. Let’s get started. When it comes to anabolic steroids, some of you may confuse them with corticosteroids. But they are not the same. Anabolic steroids are used for building muscle within a short time by bodybuilders. However, corticosteroids are used to reduce overactive immune

People affected with COVID-19 show several symptoms ranging from continuous cough, fever, loss of smell/taste and more. Even though vaccines are available, the best way to stay clear of these evolving diseases is to follow proper sanitation protocols, social distancing and having proper nutrition. However, one thing worth knowing is that the disease causes more problems to those people with a weaker immune system, elderly people or people with long term medical conditions, etc. Undertaking PROPER NUTRITION and staying hydrated helps in managing the symptoms, improves metabolism & immunity. Getting a

Exercising regularly is essential to keep your body fit and healthy. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise. If you want to stay strong and deliver a healthy baby, it is better to start now and yes, exercising during pregnancy is safe and healthy. You can do jogging, walking, Pilates, functional movements and try yoga classes or anything that you are comfortable with. If you use to exercise before pregnancy, you can continue the same, however, just be careful. In this article, we explain some easy to do exercises that you can try out without much difficulty or assistance. So, let’s get started.

There are 3 stages of exercise as there are 3 trimesters in pregnancy:

FIRST TRIMESTER-Walking, Swimming, Jogging, Yoga, Pilates, Functional Movements SECOND TRIMESTER- Yoga, Pilates, Plank, Side-Lying Inner and Outer Thigh THIRD TRIMESTER-Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Pelvic Floor Exercises


Walking is a simple yet effective aerobic exercise for maintaining your fitness during the pregnancy period. What makes it effective is that it is free and you can do it for all nine months if you feel comfortable. If you’re looking for something simple to start with then walking is the best way to get started.


Yoga primarily focuses on your mental and physical wellbeing. It involves various breathing exercises and body postures. Yoga during pregnancy focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques along with associated postures. By joining a reputed fitness centre in your area, take advice and you can reduce stress and achieve peace.


Pilates is a low impact exercise comprising controlled movements that enhance your balance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, and even mood. It focuses on the smaller and deeper muscles that support your structure and enhance your overall health.


Love to do cycling? Then it is a great way to begin your fitness journey. However, as your belly bump gets bigger, it will affect your balance which increases your chances of falling off. Luckily, you can exercise using a stationary exercise bike at the nearest gym. The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of other exercises you can do at home or work. Likewise, you can make your body and mind more active by engaging in light household chores or you can do gardening if it is something you love to do.

Don't neglect the pelvic muscles

Pregnancy and childbirth weaken your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are located in your pelvis and protect your bowels, womb and bladder. Weak pelvis muscles results increase the risks of becoming incontinent which is not good at all. Therefore, make sure to exercise and make your pelvis floor strong. furthermore, there are several exercises available which you can do at any time of day. Consulting your doctor is a good way to know more and the various exercises and activities you can do comfortably without any risk or injuries.

Consider these few tips

  • Do not exercise for more than 45 minutes daily
  • Stop exercising if your body shows unusual symptoms
  • Keep your body hydrated at all times
  • Warm-up before and cool down after exercising


If you haven’t done any exercises pre-pregnancy, you can start doing it now. Start with 15 minutes of exercise 3 days a week and slowly increase it to 30-minutes sessions 4 days a week or every day if you are comfortable. Also, while doing exercises, make it smooth and don’t push yourself too hard. However, this may result in becoming overheated which is not good for the mother and the baby. TO GET IN TOUCH WITH HOLISTIC PRE AND POSTNATAL PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS CONTACT DIFIT LIFESTYLE 800 TRAINER

Obesity and overweight are proportional to epidemics rate all over the world. It is estimated that almost everyone suffers from some sort of overweightness. Rigorous control and constant monitoring of one’s diet is regarded as the best solution for weight loss. But calorie restriction alone cannot help you lose extra pounds. You have gained weight in time and ideal weight loss also takes time. Spending a longer time to lose weight is the key to ideal weight loss rather than a caloric deficit. Extreme calorie restriction and anxiety about calorie intake

We are all inclined to have some kind of injury now and then from crossfit. When it happens, it is vital to pay attention to what we eat. High and vigorous exercise will drain out our energy so the consumption of the right food is necessary. With the help of a dietician, you can plan your diet. Ideal calorie intake along with specific nutrients can be achieved. You might wonder how calorie intake affects your fitness routine. Here in Crossfit Dubai we guide you to train your physique while complimenting

Practising restorative yoga is a great way to be stable physically, mentally and spiritually. As we all live in a fast-paced world that makes us overwhelmed and drained if our body & mind are not able to catch up with the pace. When it comes to yoga, it offers enormous health benefits in the long run. If you are that person who gets overstimulated from indulging in high-intensity exercises, then give this restorative yoga a try. What is Restorative yoga? It is a form of yoga session that involves practising various asanas

The third eye is one of the fascinating concepts in the human body. It is said to be a mystical concept of an invisible eye located in the forehead that provides heightened perception beyond ordinary vision when opened. However, according to Indian traditions, the third eye denotes the Ajna chakra which is the sixth primary chakra in the body. The Ajna chakra is said to allow people to see and understand the inner and outer worlds, provide wisdom, insight & help receive messages from the past and the future. The key

Green tea is unlike traditional tea, which has a reputation of being much health friendly with many benefits. But there is a perception in persons about this tea that green tea is free of caffeine. However, that is a myth. Of course, Green tea contains caffeine. So let us discuss this information in detail. What do you mean by caffeine? It is the type of drug that acts as stimuli that mainly stimulate the heart and central nervous system. With the addition of this, an individual having caffeine in their system may

Exercise is beneficial for all ages. Regular physical activity and exercise can cut the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer in half. Regularly exercising not only reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis, which makes bones brittle but also relieves back pain, stiffness, and pain in osteoporosis. The right type of exercise for you depends on your current physical shape, health, and desire to achieve. For example, the ideal people trying to lose weight would be to do moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, or cycling.

7.9 billion people are living in this world and around a billion of them are suffering from hypothyroidism. It occurs when a sufficient amount of thyroid hormones are not produced by our thyroid glands. If you do not know, thyroid hormones play a very important role in our body such as helping with growth, metabolism, cell repair, etc. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are usually tiredness, poor tolerance of cold, constipation, lower heart rate, etc. By adopting a well-balanced diet, you can become good as new. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism and

Working out helps us to stay fit and healthy in the long run. Having an extra boost before a workout is a good choice & there’s no other better option than a good old cup of coffee. Coffee is the most consumed drink after tea & water. Its higher caffeine content, antioxidants, and affordability make it ideal for boosting exercise performance. A coffee to start your day Ever wondered why do you feel active after drinking coffee? It’s the caffeine content that helps with that. Drinking coffee before exercising gives additional energy

As gym membership prices are constantly rising, more and more people choose to exercise at home rather than at the gym. As a result, some people buy weight benches, dumbbell sets, and even barbell weights and start various exercises to build muscles. This is fine as it is possible to use free weights to improve your physique, but this all-in-one machine will also help you build muscle and complete your physique if used correctly. You can also consider purchasing a multi-gym. Exercise at home is becoming more and more popular due to the