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Food options for Hypothyroidism

Food options for Hypothyroidism

7.9 billion people are living in this world and around a billion of them are suffering from hypothyroidism. It occurs when a sufficient amount of thyroid hormones are not produced by our thyroid glands.

If you do not know, thyroid hormones play a very important role in our body such as helping with growth, metabolism, cell repair, etc. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are usually tiredness, poor tolerance of cold, constipation, lower heart rate, etc.

By adopting a well-balanced diet, you can become good as new. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism and not sure about what to eat, consulting a certified Nutritionist will help you.

Check the Symptoms

There are several symptoms that your body shows if you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

Some of these include fatigue, puffiness, dry skin, and more.

Another common symptom most people with hypothyroidism face is having a slower metabolism due to lesser thyroid hormones produced.

This results in burning lesser calories at rest and thereby increasing weight.

What to eat & avoid

There are several different food choices if you have hypothyroidism. A certified Nutritionist will help you find the best food for your body. The whole egg is one of the best food options as the yolk is rich in iodine and selenium while proteins are found in the egg white.

However, if you want to include more protein in your diet, go with fresh meat and seafood food items.

Also, do not forget to include gluten-free grains, vegetables, fruits such as bananas, oranges in moderate quantities.

In simple words, you must aim to eat a diet full of vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Being low in calories, consuming these foods helps in preventing weight gain.

Now you know what to eat, certain food items must be avoided or eaten in fewer quantities if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. One such food category is highly processed foods which are high in calories, increase weight and consists of fewer nutrients. Also, foods items containing goitrogens should be consumed in moderate quantity.

Don’t focus on diet only

Even though a healthy diet is essential to combat hypothyroidism, opting for physical exercises and maintaining an active lifestyle will provide better results. Activities like yoga and meditation help relieve stress and improve health.

High-intensity cardio exercises like brisk walking, running, hiking, rowing, etc are also proven to be beneficial in the long run. Consulting with your nutritionist is a good idea to find out the best diet plan that suits your lifestyle.

Following a well-balanced diet plan coupled with regular intervals of physical activity is one of the best and proven ways to get long-lasting relief from hypothyroidism. When it comes to food items, just make sure to avoid the ones with high calories as they provide very little nutritional value and won’t help reduce the weight gained.

Also, the services of the best Dubai Nutritionist at DiFit Lifestyle not only helps you to find the right food choices but will also make you adapt to a healthier lifestyle.